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Climbing Out of Homelessness

I came across an amazing organization while I was looking for a place to donate the profits from my Mount Rainier Yoga Leggings, and this organization couldn't be more perfect!  In fact, it really gave me a feeling that I am definitely on the right path of my Yogescape mission.

Climbing Out of Homelessness is a program brought to us by the Recovery Beyond Paradigm Non Profit Service Group.  You can read more about it and the founding story here, but I'd like to give you a short summary.

Simply put it is a program where people off the streets are offered the opportunity to literally climb out of homelessness by training for eight months to physically climb Mount Rainier.  Then after the eight months, they do it! A lot of these participants do not believe they have any worth, or that they can not doing anything to better their situation or that they are not worthy of anything better because of some past choices.  The training provided helps change those negative mindsets, and h…