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My name is Holly, and I'm the creator of Yogescape scenic yoga leggings.  Yogescape started as a fun art project; a way to give me a creative outlet.  It has fulfilled many creative avenues for me such as graphic design, photography, writing, the art of social media and the art of Yoga.  As I delve more into the world of social media, I am shown time and time again that even a small artist can have a big voice.  After working on Yogescape for a little over a year, I've decided that maybe I can use my art for more than self expression.  Maybe, I can use my art to make a difference.

Antelope Canyon
When I look at my pants I see beautiful mother nature, somewhere we all call home.  However there are a lot of people don't have actual homes.  Currently there is an estimated 500k plus of homeless people in the US alone.  In Yoga philosophy it is believed we are one, all connected, and those 500k plus people are our mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, children and babies.

My goal is to donate 100% of my pants profits to homeless shelters and organizations in their corresponding areas.  For example monies earned from my Antelope Canyon leggings will go to help the homeless community in Northern Arizona, or monies from the Space Needle leggings will help the homeless community in Seattle, Washington.  I only have a few states designed so far, but eventually I will hit them all.

I am currently researching organizations and shelters and will update info as it's retained on my 'Contact Us' page.

Milky Way Over Bryce Canyon
New York City


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How I Make My Pants

The main question I get when someone sees my pants for the first time is, "How did you make those?!?"  I thought I would answer the question here.  Now mind you, some of my methods are pretty old school and I'm self taught so all you professional graphic designers please don't make fun of me :) Here goes!

The company I use to make my pants is called  Printful Inc.  They have a very user friendly website, and a mock up generator so I can see how my design is going to look ahead of time.

So my first step is to make the design I want on my pants.  For my yoga pants specifically I have designed a template on (here is where I get old school) Windows Paint program.  It works, it is very easy to use and there is no extra fee to use it.  This is my template below, then I fill in the white part with my preferred image.

To find an image I go to a couple different websites:
1. - With Shutterstock you can purchase a license to use their stock photos on your comm…

Let's Help Hawaii

With the volcano erupting on the Big Island and earthquakes still happening, many people are left without homes.  I've designed a pair of leggings where for the next twelve months 100% of the profits are going to go towards the Volcano Victim Relief fund hosted by the Salvation Army.  After twelve months the profits from this design will go to a local organization that helps the homeless community on the Big Island.

If Yoga pants are not your thing, click here to donate directly.

My Mission

For the last couple years I have been sort of studying the ends and outs of social media platforms, marketing programs and other software that is readily available for people to use to create a brand.  I've done everything from launching products all the way to self publishing a book that I was able to get into many major online retailers all from my phone and/or laptop.  The point is, is that with the internet and these very accessible programs one individual now has the capability to reach millions at their fingertips.  I have the capability to reach millions, and... I want to.  I want to make a difference somewhere in this world, make a positive change, help.

I've used some of these online mediums to express myself artistically, and ended up creating a very small business designing and selling Yoga pants.  My pants feature beautiful landscape scenes of nature and our environments.  I always joke that it is a fun way to "get into nature".  I love everything about …