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My Mission

For the last couple years I have been sort of studying the ends and outs of social media platforms, marketing programs and other software that is readily available for people to use to create a brand.  I've done everything from launching products all the way to self publishing a book that I was able to get into many major online retailers all from my phone and/or laptop.  The point is, is that with the internet and these very accessible programs one individual now has the capability to reach millions at their fingertips.  I have the capability to reach millions, and... I want to.  I want to make a difference somewhere in this world, make a positive change, help.

I've used some of these online mediums to express myself artistically, and ended up creating a very small business designing and selling Yoga pants.  My pants feature beautiful landscape scenes of nature and our environments.  I always joke that it is a fun way to "get into nature".  I love everything about my artwork, and about running a business. I was raised by artist and entrepreneurs, and this whole project has been an amazing creative outlet for me.  Of course I'm learning more about it everyday (that's part of the fun), and slowly perfecting my craft.  It is however, definitely still a work in progress.

Seeing my pants in an actual store for the 1st time! Lake Powell Vacations

One thing I've wanted to do more of in my life is to give back.  In my youth I was on the receiving end of help quite a bit, and thinking back on it now I am extremely grateful for the gifts I was given.  I've decided to use my voice as an artist to start making a difference in the homeless communities within the United States, and hopefully one day the whole world.  I don't have much money to donate, but I do have some time and a little bit of internet know how.  I want to start by donating 100% of my pants profits to organizations and shelters that are helping to get people off of the streets.  The scenes depicted on my pants are from a place WE ALL call home, but the thing is that many people do not have a home.  Currently there is an estimated 500k plus of homeless people in the US alone.  In Yoga philosophy it is believed we are one, all connected, and those 500k plus people are our mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, children and babies.

For every pair of pants purchased, the profits (roughly $10/pair) will be donated to an organization that helps the homeless community in the same region that is on the pant design.  For example, when a pair of my Antelope Canyon leggings are purchased the profits will help the homeless community in Northern Arizona, and when a pair of my Mount Rainier pants are purchased those profits will help the homeless community is Washington State.  I only have a few states now, but I will eventually get a design for all of them because this is a nationwide problem.

Even before I was a Yogi, I would often reflect on life's purpose, and the answer I always settled on was to learn, grow and pass that knowledge on.  I'm not sure in the end what we need all this knowledge for, but in the meantime I know each challenge or obstacle I've ever come across had equipped me with tools to more easily conquer the next one.  I want to learn more about this problem, and I want to pass the knowledge on; I want us to conquer it and for everyone to be able to call some place home.

Holly Crandall


  1. You are a Unique Lady , Holly. I have watched you grow from Hair Stylist thru Yogi, you inspire me to reach for the stars and follow my passions as you have done. All this while being an Extraordinary Mother.
    I Honor You, on your path...


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