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Donation Plan

I want to give you all a rundown of how I plan to donate 100% of the profit from the items in my shop, so you know where the money goes and when.

Right now while Yogescape is new and I'm still getting the word out I plan on donating to the chosen organizations once a year.  When that time comes I would like to announce how much, and where the funds were donated.  As Yogescape grows and more sales come in, then I may decide to donate bi-annually or quarterly.  I would like to get the money to the organizations sooner, than later so it can get to helping people.

To see what organizations I support you can look at the item description in the shop link or scroll to the bottom of my 'contact us' page here.

Yoga Leggings - 100% of the profits are donated to an organization the is the same region as the design on the pants.  For example: The profits from my New York City Yoga Leggings will be donated to an organization called New York City Relief that is based in NYC.

Yoga State …