Flagstaff Shelter Services

I found an amazing organization to donate the profits to from my pants that feature designs in Northern Arizona: Antelope Canyon, Antelope Canyon Collage, Lake Powell, Sedona and Grand Canyon.
Antelope Canyon Collage Leggings
The organization is called Flagstaff Shelter Services, and from what I’ve read it looks like they go above and beyond to help the homeless community.

Here are the services they provide:
  • Emergency Shelter to anyone experiencing homelessness
  • Housing Focused Case Management
  • Access to meals provided by Flagstaff Family Food Center
  • Shower Services, Hygiene Supplies, and access to new clothing
  • Laundry Service
  • Computer and Internet Access / Job Search assistance
  • Mail and Home Address Service / Storage for belongings
  • Counseling support and resource for referral for Domestic Violence, Substance Abuse, and debt management
Flagstaff Shelter Services also offesr a bi-weekly health clinic and access to a local or long distance phone.  

Please take a moment to check out their website.  You'll feel extremely inspired to help and glad you did :) Flagshelter.org

Also, there is a very talented local band "Tow'rs" who is donating all the profits from their song titled, "Tangerine Skies" to FSS.  Get here to download your copy.


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